Dear Writers,

Blogs are outdated.

I know!  What idiocy; to begin my first article on my new blog with such a statement.

However, if my proclamation is, indeed, true, nobody shall have the opportunity to point it out.

Now, should it ring false, the following paragraphs will be held irrelevant.

And yet, the writer writes.

What I have learned in previous failed blogs and rejected freelance submissions, is that a successful writer is simply one who writes.  Financial gain is not the defining standard of success.  Many artists were long-dead before their work attracted any monetary attention.

Lose-lose situations is what drives the creativity of a writer.  The starving artist draws passion from a hunger for beauty.  The author gleans inspiration from the drama surrounding loss.

We live in a constant state of conflict.  The threat of losing something -anything- cultivates the desire to build upon the impending emptiness.  It’s what fulfills us.

Failure and rejection simply indicate an imperfect work.  For a writer- trivial.  Fixable.  We write on.

The only true failure a writer faces is to put down the pen.  Lift your fingers from the keys.  Walk away from the stories, and be content with the normalcies of life.


9 thoughts on “Dear Writers,

  1. I quote from somewhere I do not recall:
    “There is no retirement for an artist. It is what you are, not what you do, therefore you cannot retire from being yourself.”
    I am sure I have so mangled what was an elegant little statement that it is unrecognizable. I am sure you get the idea though…..true for writers, whose medium is words as well.


  2. I agree wholeheartedly with everything in this post! If one wishes to be a writer, one must write. But beyond that, your style is so beautiful. I love the poetry of it. Your first sentence grabbed me right away. An excellent post, and I hope to see more!


  3. Oh god that’s so true. ‘and so, the writer writes’. I don’t consider success on a basis of monetary gain. All my stuff is free. As long as I do it as a form of therapy, I see no reason why someone who reads for therapy needs to worry about cost. I measure success by the people I impact, either through my words, or just being a friend. You know you’re doing it right when people become fans.

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